May 3, 2020

Gem Tour in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is named as “Jewel Box of Asia” for its natural wealth of Gemstones. This itinerary is designed for the Gem lovers to experience 2500 years of gem history, gem mines and to find most fine gemstones on the world market today comes from Sri Lanka.


7 Day


Galle Day 01

Upon pick up at the Bandaranaike International Airport, you will be driven to Galle and check in to a nearby hotel in Galle. Galle is rich in history with several colonial influences – the Portuguese being the most prominent. The remnant of the Dutch Fort is a remarkable site to visit in Galle. The neighboring area is a peaceful and hospitable colony with a lot of restaurants, cafes, souvenir boutiques, ice cream shops and churches to explore. Once you are done exploring the city of Galle, you can visit Ambalangoda to have a look at the famous traditional masks in Sri Lanka or else include a visit to the Kosgoda turtle hatchery.



Rathnapura Day 02-03

The next morning, you will visit the Fairgems School in Beruwala. Aurelie, the director of the school will welcome you and guide you around. You can interact with the students and learn about their lives. You will then be given a lesson on gemstones. This workshop will include a theoretical introduction to the industry along with an opportunity to practice the preforming on a rough stone. After lunch, you will begin a 3 hour journey to Ratnapura – the heart of the gem industry. you will be staying at a nearby hotel in Ratnapura. On Day 4 of your Sri Lanka gems tour, we will take you to a precious stone mine in Ratnapura, then to a gem market and also to visit the gemological museum.


Udawalawe Day 04

The next day, you will drive two hours to the Centauria Wild for an exciting stay amidst the jungle. After checking in and relaxing in the hotel, a jeep will be waiting for you at approximately 3.00pm for a safari ride through the Udawalawe National Park. Renowned for its elephant and bird population, you will also see crocodile, bear, sambar, and leopards – if you are lucky!




Ella Day 05

On day 7 you will visit the Okkampitiya gemstone mine. Here you can discover stone extraction methods such as sieving and separating the stone gravel from earthy sands. After the mine visit, an hour’s drive away is the beautiful town of Ella in Sri Lanka’s hill country. Admire the lovely cascading Ravana Falls on the way.It is a good idea to climb Little Adam’s Peak for a breathtaking view of the sunset from the summit. The hike takes about two hours up and down. On day 8, a tuk-tuk will be arranged for you in the neighboring town of Bandarawela. Here you will be taken through a ride amidst the gorgeous landscapes and luscious tea plantations. Stop at Lipton’s Seat for a snack with a stunning view.


Kandy Day 06

The next morning you will begin your journey to the hill capital of Kandy. En route you will visit the Matale Alu Viharaya Buddhist Temple and the Matale Hindu Temple. In Kandy, you will visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and obtain blessings from the Buddhist Monks. After that  you will be taken to enjoy an evening show of the cultural dance of Kandyans and Kandy view point. You will stay at a nearby hotel for the night.


Airport Day 07

Your 07-day gem tour has now come to an end and you will be driven to the airport depending on the time of your flight. This Gem tour in Sri Lanka has been designed especially for those who have a passion to gems. If any changes are to be made to this itinerary, our staff will gladly assist you. Please get in touch with us for a booking or any customization requests.

History of Gems in Sri Lanka

The history of the gems industry dates back to about 3000 years ago. According to the great Sri Lankan chronicle Mahavamsa, Ceylon was known as ‘Ratna Deepa’ in Sanskrit, meaning ‘the island of jewels’. Its soils, rich in minerals, have been yielding an amazingly continuous supply of premium quality precious and semi-precious gem stones. Ratnapura (translating to ‘city of gems’ in Sinhalese) owns a significantly wide range of gemstones, many of which are outstanding in clarity when compared to stones from other areas.Apart from producing these precious gems, the Sri Lankan gem industry has also been specializing in the process of mining, cutting and polishing for many centuries. Because Sri Lankans have an extensive knowledge on the types of gems and how they should be cut, each stone that is found and prepared for the foreign market is finely cut and polished before exported. Ceylon Moors, descendants of the Arabians are those who are largely responsible for the gem industry in Sri Lanka. This is because the Arabs undertook rich trading – the ability to speak a variety of languages and the wealth to travel across the globe in search of commercially valuable items. After the end of the civil war nearly a decade ago, Sri Lanka has been showing excellent growth in the service, industrial and agricultural sectors. With regard to the gem industry, regulations pertaining to mining and exports of gems have relaxed, thereby resulting in growth of the industry itself.

Gem varieties available in Sri Lanka

Since the early times of gem production, some off the common gemstones produced in Ceylon are:

  • Sapphires
  • Ruby
  • Cat’s eye
  • Alexandrite
  • Garnet
  • Star sapphire
  • Zircon
  • Tourmaline
  • Spinal
  • Topaz
  • Beryl
  • Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Serendibite
  • Ekanite

The Blue Sapphire is one of the most supreme gems that Sri Lanka is renowned for. Some of the finest blue sapphires in the world are found here, one of which was gifted to Princess Diana by Prince Charles! Being second to diamond in hardness, this premium stone is amongst the highly prized of all gems.

Did you know?

  • The world’s largest sapphire – weighing 42 pounds, was found in the gravels of Sri Lanka.
  • A British millionaire purchased from Sri Lanka the following:
    • Blue Giant, weighing 500 carats
    • Blue Belle of Asia, weighing 400 carats

Arranging your accommodation

 We are pleased to arrange your accommodations on a dinner and breakfast basis according to your budget. 

  • Five star hotel
  • Four star hotel 
  • Three star hotel 
  • Normal guest house

If not, you can select your accommodations on your tour and our chauffeur guide will assist you to find your accommodation and all. Please contact us directly if you prefer to reserve as selected options and looking forward to welcome you in near future.

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