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Sri Lanka’s history dates back to more than 2500 years. These ancient cities and their glorious remains that are temples, fortresses, statues and irrigation feats still have the ability to make people, especially tourists gaze at them with reverence. Ancient sites are considered to be archeological gold mines
because they are evidence to a very rich civilization. Most of the places are declared as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. The oldest and the largest ancient city is Anuradhapura.

SriLanka is a country with a unique and proud historical records. Which by comparison cannot be second to any contempery civilization that extend in the world. For the purpose of publication the history of srilanka spanning a period of over twenty five centuries.

Pre History

Evidence of human colonization in sri lanka appears at the site of balangoda man arrived on the island about 35000 years ago.

Pre Anuradhapura period (543 – 377 BCE )

The pail chronicles the Depavamsa, Thupavamsa, and the Chulavamsa as well as a large collection of stone inscriptions. The Mahavamsa written around 400 CE by the monk mahanama, using Deepavamsa and other written sources available to him. The mahavamsa account the period prior to Asoka’s
coronation proper historical records begin with arrival of Vijaya and 70000 followers according to the Mahavamsa.

Vijaya landed on Sri Lanka near mahathiththa and the name of island Thambepenni, The present day Sinhalese are mixture of the induaryans and indigenous.

Anuradhapura Period

In the early ages of Anuradhapura kingdom the economy was based on farming. The king was ruler of the country and responsible for the law, the army and being protector of faith.in that period ruled from king Pandukabaya 337 BC to king Kashshapa VII loss AD in the period they build lot of temples, lakes, any so many cultural places.

Polonnaruwa Period

The kingdom of polonnaruwa was the second major Sinhalese kingdom of Sri Lanka. The kingdom of polonnaruwa came in to being after the Anuradhapura kingdom. Period of rule from king Wijayabahu – I Loss AD to Mahakalinga. A prince of Kalinga 1232 AD.

Dambadeniya Period

Period of ruled from king vijayabahu III 1232 AD to Parakramabahu III 1293 AD.

Kurunegala Period

Period of ruled from king Buvanekabahu II 1293 AD to king Vijayabahu V 1341 AD.

Gampola Period

Period of ruled from king buvanekabahu IV 1341 to king Buvanekabahu V 1408 AD.

Kotte Period

Period of ruled from king Vijayabahu 1408 AD to King Don Juwan Dharmapala 1597 AD.

Kandy Period

Period of ruled from Senasammatha Vijayaparakramabahu 1469 AD to Sri Wikramarajasingha 1815 AD

After that period of kingdom stated, the Portuguese period the Dutch period and there after British period.

Independence Period

In February 1948 sri lanka, or Ceylon as it was still know, became and independent member of Birtish common wealth.

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