October 15, 2020

South Coast

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Prepare your senses for overload, for Sri Lanka is at its most sultry and enticing in the South: a magnificent coastline of dazzling white sand curves set against smart wooded mountains. Yes, you’re going to discover the area a pleasure to explore, with each bend on the coastal road revealing another idyllic area to investigate.by strangers, like a third of the buildings.




Tangalle is a large city ruled by an urban council in Hambantota District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. It is one of the southern province’s biggest cities. It is 195 kilometers south of Colombo and 35 kilometers east of Matara.
Here is the gateway to southeastern Sri Lanka’s wide open spaces and wide open beaches. Before Hambantota, it is the last town of any size and has some charm of the old world. But its star attractions are the beaches.


Hiriketiya Beach – Tangalla

A tiny beach with excellent surfing, plenty of greenery and some fine dining and hanging establishments. Hiriketiya is one of those sleepy beaches in the South that is no longer so sleepy after being found by backpackers. Locals can kick themselves for not discovering it sooner, but in addition to swimming, tourism also provides restaurants and hotels and stuff to do.


Goyambokka Beach – Tangalla

The beach offers enough privacy by coconut and palm trees and plenty of natural shade. Occasionally strolling, with crabs and cracked coconut shells scattered around, the beach also offers food and drink choices in tiny cafes— you can pick up a free umbrella or deck chair by buying a snack.



Mirissa and its magnificent sandy, palm-fringed beach is perhaps Sri Lanka’s best-known southern coast resort. In addition to having the region’s largest fishing port, well-known for its tuna, mullet, snapper and butterfish, it is also one of the major whale watching facilities.
The calm feeling of tropical-island peace and loneliness of the beach is due to the reality that all hotels, guest houses and other tourist amenities are well laid back and mostly out of sight. So chilled drinks at sunset and moonlight walks in the surf are a specific delight for tourists as they wind down from the rigors of enjoying all of Marissa’s generous and big-hearted hospitality.


Weligama is a wonderful place to learn to surf, about a two-kilometer stretch of shallow sandy beach, translated as a sandy village. One of the best locations to find a link to the ocean in southern Sri Lanka and catch your first wave. Get there for first light and surf until sunrise, usually it’s still until 8 a.m. so a nice time to exercise on uncontroversial waves.


Stilt Fishing is one of Sri Lanka’s most exciting traditional fishing techniques. Records show that it came into being shortly after World War II. This mode of fishing was used more commonly all along the shoreline until the 2004 tsunami, which led such operations to cease momentarily until the last years. Fishermen’s beautiful sight perched branched poles as they skillfully fish during dawn, noon, and dusk; now frequently found along the southern shoreline in cities like Koggala, Midigama, and Ahangama.


A significant source of tourist attraction is the Unawatuna beach. The beach is a beautifully stretched region of sand-covered soil that with its exotic perspective and exceptional atmosphere can increase the expectations of any holiday. Corals are essentially aquatic invertebrates found in a number of indistinguishable polyps in colonies. One of this beach’s stuff that gives it the grip over the others is the corals that are considered and examined while snorkeling. One of tourists ‘ primary preferences is to appreciate the marine life and closely examine it, and if you’re one of them, the Unawatuna beach may just be the place to spend your vacation.


Hikkaduwa is the name of a tiny city situated about 98 km north of Colombo on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is well known for the Hikkaduwa beach, one of Sri Lanka’s best surfing sites, and the Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary, a few meters from the shore. In the months from November to March when waves increase, you can enjoy surfing to the fullest. In these months, many visitors have suggested surfing.


Take a magical boat ride down the wonderful Madu River, a 900-hectare wetland estuary of which 770 hectares are covered with water and 64 islands are inhabited. The boat ride is a great way to take a closer look at this complicated wetland ecosystem; one of the last wetlands in Sri Lanka to contain a pristine mangrove forest is a world heritage site protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.
Travel past huge mangrove forests, glide under the canopy of the tunnels of the forest as they curve towards the watercourse playfully. Take in the Madu River and its surrounding island’s distinctive biodiversity, which contains hundreds of birds, plants, fish and animals.
There’s plenty more to do; quench your thirst with a refreshing King Coconut Water drink and then continue to the Buddhist Monastery, see how Kraal fishing is done, how Ceylon Cinnamon is peeled and enjoy some’ fish treatment’ as they playfully nibble your feet at the’ fish spa.’ If it’s later at night, watch the fishermen light lanterns on traps in their canoes that capture prawns and other shellfish. It will definitely be a memorable day-out on the unforgettable Madu River’s peaceful waters.


If you want to spend your holidays and have a calm and natural treat, without bars and restaurants, this is the most refreshing and relaxing place.
The 7-8 kilometer long Bentota Beach is truly a sign of peace, tranquility and cleanliness.
One of its greatest points is its quiet environment, which many individuals believe runs the beach’s natural and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone has plenty of space to settle in completely and fully enjoy the sun bath.


The Kosgoda Beach Turtle Care Center is one of 18 turtle hatcheries along Sri Lanka’s southern shoreline. The center is situated in Kosgoda’s southwest coastal village and was established in 1981. It is also very common as all five turtle species that visit Kosgoda’s Sri Lankan nest. This is not so with many of the island’s other hatcheries whose beaches host only some of the species. The center acts mainly as a hatchery and makes enormous attempts in their very original phases to increase the hatching rate and the survival of baby turtles. But the Care Center also operates on individuals who are sick or wounded; they are treated and released back into the ocean. They also operate local and foreign visitors ‘ voluntary programs and awareness programs.

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